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The (unW)Hole of Thought

The fundament is gathered around a hole, just as the firmament is scattered across one.

Philosophy, like science, always thinks it’s hit bottom, and is terrified of being mistaken about this.

But uncertainty, the wobble of the bridge in the howling wind, is the medium and movement of knowledge.


The stars in the anus...

bones crackle and... splinter--with my own ears

vapors seeking/speak volumes to escape

Another small step on the path to (someday) understanding calculus has clarified an aspect of Leibniz.

I basically got this before (as in the statement in an earlier post about "infinite density" replacing the "infinite series"), but it's clearer now. In Leibniz' metaphysics, infinity becomes the infinity of calculus. The series of numbers, by which we could "count" reality (and which would go on forever in space and time), is replaced by the function, the curve whose proximity to a line can never be reduced to a single number, but can only be expressed (like the curve itself), through a relational representation.

Anyone who gets calculus will, I'm sure, see that I have a long way to go.